Client Policies

1. Clients can order a minimum of two meals per week. For logistical purposes, our small business can't deliver less than 2 meals per delivery.

2. Our meal prep model is based on sustainability. Therefore, the menu changes monthly and we make sure to incorporate only seasonal produce.

3.  We have a 48 hours notice policy to reschedule any meal delivery. All meals that are re-scheduled less than 48 hours prior to delivery are forfeited.

4. Clients can schedule meal deliveries for up to one month. Once the month expires and the clients has not used up all meals, the client has two options: 

        a. Finish the current meals within a 2 week grace period.

        b. Exchange the remaining meals to the current monthly menu with the understanding that you can make a maximum of 3 exchanges.

5. Deliveries are made on Monday and Wednesday between 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm. No changes can be made to the delivery day (Wednesday deliveries must stay Wednesday deliveries). Changes to delivery time can be made, but they come with an extra cost.

6. The order of meal will always be dependent on the access to the freshest ingredients.

If you have any questions regarding the Client Policies, please email me at


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