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Food Services


 Flexible Meal Planning

Life can get busy, but your nutrition should remain a priority. Regardless of your schedule, you can still enjoy nutritious and savory ready-to-eat meals. 

Our services include: 

  • A weekly Menu. You can choose from diverse choices meals to satisfy your daily nutritional needs.

  • Flexible Meals. You have the power to decide the numbers of meals that best fit your schedule.

  • Two Meals Per Day for Six Days. Lunch and Dinner are always taken care of. You can now skip those long lines during your lunch time.

  • Ready-To-Eat Meals. You can now spend less time cooking and more time being productive.

  • Twice A Week Delivery. Your meals are fresh and ready to be eaten.


Cooking Classes (Private or Group)

Healthy Afrique offers a variety of contemporary African recipes of your choice. We take pride in using seasonal produce to support our goal for a cleaner environment and prosperous small farmers.   Together, we will make some of our favorite contemporary African dishes while exploring the ingredients and cooking techniques that make African food so exquisite.

Our menu changes based on seasonal availability. Please specify dietary requirements and allergies when booking.  All our cooking classes are for groups and, we require a minimum of two people per class. 

We announce all upcoming cooking classes on our website along with the pre-arranged menu. For any preference, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to make any modification to fit your individual needs. 

To book a private cooking classes,  please send a request.



Pop-Up Dinners and Parties 

  Our packages include:

  • Menu Tasting

  • Private Dining

  • Private Parties 

  • Brunches 

For more information, please send a request