Plant-Based African Cooking Class In Harlem 3:00 PM

Plant-Based African Cooking Class In Harlem 3:00 PM


Welcome to my hands-on, plant-friendly cooking class, where we’ll learn to cook delicious African food from North Africa all the way to Mozambique. In this hands-on experience, I’ll teach you how to follow four basic, easy recipes; utilize the spices in your kitchen; and incorporate vegan, plant-based cooking into your regular diet. Let's discover the secrets to healthy, home cooking.

What we'll do

  • Welcome

Attendees will be welcomed with a glass of refreshing African ginger juice.

  • Cut and chop

We’ll divide into small groups and learn how to efficiently cut and chop our vegetables.

  • Cooking together

Once we’re done cutting and prepping, we’ll begin preparing our four featured dishes: cauliflower jollof rice, black eyed peas and okra, eggplant harissa, and grounded melon seeds with spinach. Each group will have the opportunity to cook their dish using hot plates, with my supervision.

  • Spices and vegetables

As we cook, we’ll discuss how to elevate average vegetables into a gourmet meal, and how to cook spices to prepare tastier dishes.

  • Communal meal

After cooking, we will share our communal meal at a dining table, and revisit our experience cooking as a group.

Where we'll meet

Williamsburg: From the young working-class families to single millennial trying to make it big in the concrete jungle, Williamsburg, Brooklyn is where you find the hipe and up-and-coming young faces for New York City. It is an amazing space to meet other young individuals simply trying to navigate the world of New York City.

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